Green Ribbons


 Thank you to all who came out to the Vermont National Guard Appreciation Event on June 28th!  It was a huge success with at least $3,000 raised to benefit the Vermont National Guard Charitable Foundation.  Additional donations will be made to the Foundation with the proceeds from Hat and Tshirt sales.  Please visit the store tab!

Tie a Green Ribbon  on a tree in front of your home, on a porch railing, on your mailbox… some place where your neighbors will see you support The Vermont Air National Guard with the basing of the F35 in Burlington, Vermont.
The Green Ribbon campaign began in July of 2012 when Nicole Citro, a South Burlington business owner, felt frustrated with the way the debate over the basing of the F35 in Vermont was being waged.  It seemed all the attention was being given to the very small contingency of those in opposition. Yet all around her, Nicole was finding her friends, families and customers were expressing their support for the new jet.  She felt it was time the majority was heard.  Much like the yellow ribbons used to show support for the troops in the Gulf War, Nicole determined green ribbons would be used to show support for the Green Mountain Boys.

 In December 2013, the Adjutant General of Vermont announced the Vermont Air National Guards 158th Fighter Wing will be the home of the F35 in the year 2020.

find-us-on-facebookSince July 2012, well over 10,000 green ribbons and “F35 for Vermont” bumper stickers have been distributed by Nicole and an untold number of Green Ribbons have been tied up by supporters.  There is a very faithful following of over 10,000 on Facebook.  The Facebook page has been immensely successful in spreading the support for the Air Guard.  There have been numerous postings on which the Facebook page viewed by over 30,000.

On the Facebook page there is this statement which perfectly describes what the campaign is all about;

This page and campaign was started to give a voice to the supporters of the Vermont Air National Guard and the basing of the F35 in Burlington.  Put up your Green Ribbons and as a community show we are all proud of our Green Mountain Boys and the outstanding job they do defending this great country. Our hope is they can continue to soar for decades to come with the F35.